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We’re proud to offer a fantastic alternative to traditional wood based animal bedding.  We are a dealer for White River Ag’s straw bedding pellets, made right here in the good old USA.  These pellets are fantastic for multiple uses, and the best part is they are made from wheat and oat straw, all non-GMO of course!

Bryan Custer, Director of Sales & Marketing for White River Ag, had this to say about us:

It’s really great to work with Heather and Randy…they are so passionate about what they do.  Their love for animals is evident. Heather is our only dealer who calls at 5:00 a.m. just to see what we’re going to be up to that week, making sure our wheat crop is doing well!


Check out this video straight from the farm:


Want to see how the pellets absorb water?

Here’s a video that will give you a pretty good idea…


The pellets are excellent for improving stall air quality and helping to reduce issues related to chronic respiratory diseases. 

The production “cook” process removes dust and dirt while baking out 99% of mold or allergens.  Air quality should definitely be something we all keep in mind no matter what we’re bedding with, so along with products that don’t irritate the lungs of your animals, consider your ventilation and air exchange as well.  Those of course, are management topics for another discussion, but keep it in mind.  For a little more information,



Hoof health also comes into play.

Many people find that the hooves of some of their animals just do plain better on the pellets.  At any rate, we have the pellets available in 40 lb bags.  There are 50 on a pallet, on a standard 40 x 48 pallet.


By the way, the pellets are absolutely excellent as a mulch for your home garden.

Here’s another garden video:


Straw pellets will not hurt your soil pH like wood based products will.  In fact, they will offer some fertility value, but will do the most benefit in terms of boosting your organic matter content.    At Northern Garden of Life ,

a charity White River Ag supports, you can see some of the benefits of using these pellets in their 5 acre garden.

We’ve had fun selling & using these, and hope you’ll try some.