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No Corn, Wheat, Soy, or Artificial Colors or Preservatives

The #1 ingredient in Exclusive® Dog and Cat Food is real meat – lamb, chicken, turkey or fish.  Protein serves as an important purpose in your pet’s diet.  These ingredients are an excellent source of high-quality protein for building strong muscles and lean, healthy bodies, are highly digestible for small stool volume and are rich in essential fatty acids for healthy skin & coat. Also, fresh chicken or natural lamb offers a taste your pet will love at every meal.  The Exclusive® recipes are also rich in Antioxidants for a Strong Immune System.
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Infinia Holistic™ Pet Food  Supports Immunity * Vitality * Longevity

For pet lovers who only want the best for their companions, Infinia Holistic™ pet food provides a perfect balance of proteins, select carbohydrates, select fats and fruits & vegetables.  Infinia Holistic™ pet food is a holistic nutritional formula that knows no boundaries. Fresh, never-frozen chicken or turkey, or savory, natural bison or salmon is the first ingredient in every bag, followed closely by a variety of flavorful superfoods.

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Red Flannel_Group Shot

Because He’s More than Just a Dog

Each Red Flannel formula has been researched by nutrition professionals and veterinarians.  It meets, and often exceeds, stringent industry standards, exactly what you’d expect from America’s leader in animal nutrition since 1984.  So whether your dog is an athlete, an aging adult, or your fuzzy, furry baby, rest assured we’ve designed a hearty, wholesome Red Flannel formula just for him…because he’s more than just a dog.

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Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids for healthy skin, hair and coat
Many Red Flannel™ pet foods are formulated with omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat and to maintain a healthy immune system.

Natural sources of glucosamine for joint health
Strong bones and healthy joints are critical to a pet’s quality of life. Many Red Flannel™ adult dog food formulas contain natural sources of glucosamine for the nutritional support of joint health. Joint health is important for all dogs, and especially dogs prone to bone or joint stress, such as senior dogs, large breed dogs, aging sporting dogs, aging working dogs and overweight dogs.

New Red Flannel™ pet food formulas are naturally preserved
Because Red Flannel™ pet food formulas are now preserved with mixed tocopherols, a form of vitamin E, pets receive the benefit of natural preservation with no artificial chemical preservatives.

A formula especially for large breed dogs
Because of their size and weight considerations, large breed dogs have the potential to put extra stress on bones and joints. When you factor obesity into the equation, you increase the health risks. Red Flannel™ Large Breed Adult Formula is specially formulated with the right calorie count and the right ingredients that contain natural sources of glucosamine to help your large breed maintain a healthy body condition and live a longer, healthier life.