At Smoky Valley we carry a custom dust-free medium shred straw bedding made by HealthiStraw™  that our customers love!

HealthiStraw™ is also available in highly absorbent 1/4” to 3/4” fine shred or insulating 1” to 3” coarse shred to suit your animals’ needs. 

With over 12 cubic feet in every bag, HealthiStraw™ has 33% more bedding than a standard bag of wood shavings, but at a similar price.


ABSORBENT – HealthiStraw™ is significantly more absorbent than raw straw and comparable to other leading bedding products.

BIOSECURITY – HealthiStraw™ is sourced from clean wheat fields and is protected from contamination before and after production in their biosecure facility, which also makes it a feed-grade and safe bedding choice.

ANIMAL HEALTH – HealthiStraw™ reduces animal exposure to harmful dust, mold, salmonella and other pathogenic organisms, improving animal health and comfort.

MORE COVERAGE – HealthiStraw™ has more bedding than a standard bag of wood shavings, but at a similar price.

CONVENIENCE – HealthiStraw™ is easy to lift, carry, and spread out.

COMPOSTABLE – HeathiStraw™ forms a complete biological cycle that takes 100% wheat straw from grain crops and returns the used straw back to the soil as an excellent compost and organic enhancer.

ODOR REDUCTION – HealthiStraw™ reduces barn odor by trapping ammonia gases in the layers of straw.

EMPLOYEE WELLNESS – Employees no longer have to breathe in the dust and mold that comes from working with regular straw bales or wood shavings.

RELIABLE SUPPLY – Animal bedding is their business, not a by-product or an afterthought. As a result, HealthiStraw™ is available on-time, when you need it.



Horse owners love HealthiStraw™ fine shred bedding.  Using HealthiStraw™ reduces the risk of respiratory illness in horses that can occur with other dusty bedding options. It creates a clean & healthy environment for your horses, allowing them to relax and be more comfortable. It is also highly absorbent, makes mucking out stalls easier, and it composts quickly.




HealthiStraw™ is the bedding of choice for poultry barns. In addition to being highly absorbent and reducing ammonia, HealthiStraw™ reduces the presence of bugs & mice in barns and spreads well and evenly.

HealthiStraw™ is increasingly being used as a means to improve biosecurity, reducing the risk of disease transmission on farms.





The benefits of using HealthiStraw™ on dairy farms are increasing.  HealthiStraw™ fine shred provides high absorbency and having no dust provides increased animal comfort, employee wellness and reduces barn maintenance costs.


In addition, HealthiStraw™ is an effective feed additive on dairy farms. Calves who have HealthiStraw™ as a part of their diet have faster growth rates, are stronger and healthier. Milking cows experience increased milk production and higher butterfat content. Talk to your nutritionist to discover the benefits of HealthiStraw™.



HealthiStraw™ is making an impact in the livestock transport industry. Initially used to reduce the negative impact of dust on animals and employees, it is now a key component in maintaining biosecurity.

HealthiStraw™ is easy to use and clean out of trailers and composts quickly making it easier to dispose of than wood shavings.