GreenTree Pine Shavings


Greentree bedding – the proof is in the product!



GreenTree Selection

Greentree bedding is American made, 100% pine & customized to meet a wide range of needs and preferences among horse & livestock owners.  Each bag is crafted at the highest level of quality, the best for its desired application.

Premium:  A large flake engineered to be the softest under hoof and lowest in dust. Perfect for weekend shows, or other times when a quick cover is desired.

Select Blend:  A medium particle with the best attributes of small and large flake products. Picks extremely well, while maintaining cushion.

Easy Pick:  The smallest and most absorbent shaving. Clumps at the highest rate, and doubles the life cycle of larger flakes.



GreenTree clean

As caretakers, we are entrusted with maintaining our animals’ optimal health.  This starts in the barn.

Greentree pine shavings are free from mold and other materials that could be harmful to your animals.  These products are triple-screened to remove virtually all airborne dust. Greentree works hard to engineer the highest quality shavings so you can spend more time with your animals, and less time in the stable.




This is where Greentree is born.

Before a single tree was cut, a registered forester created a sustainability plan.  Harvesting was directly supervised, and re-planting assistance was offered.  A third-party audited the timber to ensure the forest stayed as healthy as the day we began, if not healthier.  While most bedding companies claim to be green, they let their practices speak for themselves.  Greentree is a cradle-to-cradle steward of their forests, planting more trees than they harvest.  Greentree is the only bedding manufacturer in the United States with SFI® and FSC® certifications.  They also hold Forestry Stewardship Council chain of custody certification.  Greentree is constantly working toward carbon neutral status.


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