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To help provide the highest quality, safest feed and best-in-class nutritional solutions to horse owners. BUCKEYE Nutrition is passionate about unlocking the full potential of horses, allowing them to live longer, healthier and happier lives. Every BUCKEYE Nutrition feed is formulated by equine nutritionists with 100% traceable ingredients from field to feed bucket, produced in its state-of-the-art, medication-free facility.



The finest quality ingredients that meet their stringent quality standards are sourced exclusively from certified suppliers. Each truckload of ingredients that arrives at the plant is sampled, tested and checked under a microscope for potential toxins prior to unloading. If the product does not meet their strict quality standards, the load is rejected.

100% traceability is just one of the numerous steps taken to ensure BUCKEYE Nutrition products are safe for your horse. Every single ingredient can to be tracked back to its source, from corn and soybeans grown in the rich, fertile soils of Ohio to the premium quality oats grown on the plains of Canada.

With the backing of WALTHAM®, a world-leading authority on pet care and widely renowned as an institution of the highest scientific caliber, BUCKEYE Nutrition equine nutritionists provide scientifically-based equine nutritional solutions which guide their formulations and the BUCKEYE Nutrition brand promise of being the highest quality, safest feed available.

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BUCKEYE Nutrition equine nutritionists take pride in developing formulations that tailor to the diverse requirements of different breeds and horse types. For instance, BioFUZE™ technology ensures evenly distributed live probiotics. The popular GRO ‘N WIN products offer a scientifically formulated ration balancer to your horse’s forage. Whether it’s the university-proven PERFORM ‘N WIN that prolongs performance in your equine athlete, or the innovative EQ8™ Gut Health that supports digestion, BUCKEYE Nutrition products provide targeted solutions for unique needs.

Not sure where to start? Try the BUCKEYE Nutrition Nutrition Feed Selector to find the perfect product for your horse. Or, if you’re interested in the popular GRO ’N WIN product line, try the GRO ’N WIN Cost Calculator to see how much you can save.

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